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Sustenance: Making sure there’s systems, crew and equipment in place to feed hungry rebels so they can go on rebelling!

If I want to do Sustenance for a specific Action what skills or training do I need?

Some experience in food preparation and a basic knowledge of food hygiene would be ideal but is not essential. If someone in your team has these skills there is plenty of room for others to volunteer alongside.

Check List for providing Sustenance for a specific action…

  • How many people are you aiming to cater for? Do you have the capacity for this (in terms of food, distribution, volunteers, cooking space etc)?
  • Think about what is most suitable for your action, what will the weather be like? What time of day is it? How close are local amenities? How integral is food to the action? If sharing food and eating together is an integral part of bringing groups together make sure there is the time and space and facilities for this. Or are you providing high energy snacks on the go? Easy to eat food for people in a sit in / occupation / lock-on?
  • Where can you prep / cook / eat? How much time will it take and how many volunteers do you need? Do you have the facilities necessary?
  • If your kitchen / prep area is off site how will you transport the food? Where are your ingredients coming from? Do you have food donations or need budget, and time and people to shop?

Providing Sustenance without a kitchen or dedicated team

If it its possible or appropriate to have a full sustenance team, ask people to bring extra food or drink to share with others. Things like - vegan pasties, biscuits, dried apricots, energy balls, crisps, nuts and roasted seeds are great nutritious options. You should aim to serve plant based food, with minimal allergy restrictions. Please note your ingredients so if you befriend anyone with allergies, they can check!

Help and Support with Sustenance

If you have any questions about Sustenance please contact the production team at: We are happy to help via email, arrange a chat or zoom meeting or lend support as needed.

Join the Sustenance Team

We are always looking for new members to join our friendly team. We are spread across London and the regions & nations and are keen to build a sustenance network across the UK. When the time comes for the next big rebellion we want to connect production world build crews across the UK to work together on a decentralised plan involving all regions. Sign-up here to get involved or connect up from your area.