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What's it like being a Steward?

'I've been a steward for XR on a few rebellions, and absolutely love it - the stewards are a really welcoming team and its really fun. When I first started stewarding, I was REALLY nervous, but it's easy to get the hang of, the other stewards look after you and there is lots of guidance and training.'
Nic, XR Steward

I started stewarding in 2020 when I found I was sometimes the only person from my Local Group at a protest. I've made new friends from all over and felt part of a supportive group as well as feeling useful. I had some previous local experience which was helpful but there are plenty of training sessions and we usually buddy up.
Claire, XR Steward

What does it involve

Stewards : With a large event we need a LOT of stewards! - as a minimum 1 Steward per 100 attendees. Even small local events benefit from a few stewards. No experience needed - training provided.

Stewards help to ensure all attendees at an event are safe. On a march this would include keeping people away from traffic, supporting road closures and keeping the march together. At a static event, this would include answering questions from the public or attendees, pointing people in the right direction, or helping them find others. We give full training (online and at the event) and new stewards are buddied up with experienced ones (we usually aim to steward in pairs).

What next

So I want to be a Steward, what next?

Online Stewarding Training

[Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network](