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Online Stewarding Training


We have a number of Zoom sessions where we will go through the basics of Stewarding and give you a chance to ask questions.

Stewarding Training- online

Stewards General Training Video
General Stewarding Training - 30min

Stewards Briefing Video
Short 4min video of stewarding tips

Stewards Roadtaking Training Video
Roadtaking Stewarding Training - 25min

We have also run the sessions listed below previously, and can organise again if they are needed - contact us for details:

  • Accessability & Inclusion for Stewards
  • Protest Liasion for Stewards
  • Outreach for Stewards
  • De escalation for Stewards
  • How to recce and plan a March
  • Roadtaking
Stewarding Training: Face to Face

We usually run face to face training sessions during large events, typically 1 hour before shifts start.

Lead Steward Training

Lead Stewards are welcome to join any of the training sessions above and we can always add on a section at the end to cover Lead topics (its a few extra slides)

Further Training

These optional additional training modules will enhance your skills and confidence when Stewarding: