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What to bring with me as a Steward


Things to check before I arrive

Have I installed and checked the communications App on my phone? Telegram or Signal
Have I installed and checked What3Words App on my phone?
Do I know what time and where we are meeting?

What to bring with me

Comfortable Shoes
Clothing Layers
Water bottle
Food container and utensils
A-Z Paper map (ebay)
Notepad & Pencil
Earplugs, samba can be very loud if you are stewarding near them
Power bank for your phone, charging points are hard to find
Avoid large umbrellas but small foldable ones can be useful in a rucksack to shield injured people
Your Pink High-Viz if you already have one
A badge (or stick on labels and Sharpie pen) to write your name on
A small bag, or better still a small rucksack to hold supplies

Where to store stuff

There is often nowhere secure to store anything during events. If you have small items, it's best to carry them with you. Alternatively, there are several companies that have many sites across London where you can store a bag for 24hrs (for a fee). If there are several of you together, try packing everything into one bag - you only pay once.
We are not afiliated to any of these sites and don't recomend any particular company:
Radical Storage

If you know of others, please add thme to this list or let us know.

Useful if you can print beforehand

Bust Cards - small cards to explain to people what to do if they, or someone they know, gets arrested
The site map or march route if published beforehand

Signup to be a Steward on XR Action Network