Deliverability - making sure your email doesn't look like spam

This page is a work in progress. This is a topic the Data Team are looking in to closely and there are also pages on Action Network support that you can read about this... AN Deliverarbility Guide

Some key easy things to look out for when writing emails, to stop your email looking like spam...

Alt tags on Images Use 'alt' tags on images. Just click the image after you've imported it into an email and write a description for the 'alt/title' e.g. Rebel holding pink banner reading 'Act Now' - this is good practice for accessibility reasons but could also help with deliverability

Image sizes Don't use images over 700px wide. This is also very good advice to make sure your emails don't look bad in MS outlook. Don't use larger images in your 'wrapper' either (if you use one)

Private data embeded in links VERY IMPORTANT - don't use links that you've copied out of other emails. Links from Action Network email contain tracking links and people's personal Action Network ID's etc. You will get an error message if you do this of "You appear to have a link with an Action Network ID attached" please go to THIS PAGE to see details or the error message.