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Deliverability - making sure your email doesn't look like spam

Reading and acting on the advice below will reduce the number of emails getting caught by spam filters and will more email anre actually delivered to your subscribers inboxes.

Alt tags on Images

Use 'alt' tags on images. Just click the image after you've added it into an email and write a description for the 'alt/title' e.g. Rebel holding pink banner reading Act Now. This is good practice for accessibility for people with visual impairments who use screen readers, but could also help with deliverability.

Image sizes

Don't use images over 600px wide. You can change the size after you've added it to the email. Guidance on adding images is here.

The reason for this seems to be that people that send spam email often hide links behind shortlinks and so they make your make email look suspicious.

Private data embeded in links

VERY IMPORTANT - don't use links that you've copied out of other emails. Links from Action Network emails contain tracking links and people's personal Action Network ID's etc. You will get an error message if you do this of "You appear to have a link with an Action Network ID attached" - read details of this error message.

Reply-to email address

Instead of using e.g gmail or protonmail as your Local Group's contact email - you will get more emails delivered to your subscribers inboxes if you use - guidance on how to request one of these email address is here. This is now essential for groups with list sizes over 5000. The techy details of why this works is part of the trainings listed below.

Warning message when targeting emails

This warning is documented on the Targeting and email page.


Extra guidance can be read in the AN Deliverability Checklist and the full Deliverability Training (15min) video. If you watch these and feel out of your depth, then reach out to the Action Network Data Team for support.