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Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp join links

The very best thing to do to avoid glitches like the ones described below is to ALWAYS send yourself test emails before sending to a whole email list.

These errors change over time, so testing is your best friend!

Be sure to read your test emails both on a computer AND a phone. Then click on every link in your email to check it's working.

It has been noted that Telegram invite links (ones with + signs in them, not the public ones like Rebellion Broadcast, they are fine) don't work when reading an email on a phone.

Current work-around (which goes against advice about shortlinks!) is to turn the Telegram join link in to an short link, before then hyperlinking it in an email. e.g.

Fix for signal join links not working is to add the suffix of ?no_rewrite=true to the end or the URL - which stops the Action Network tracking link and seems to help.

  • A signal chat invite link looks like this :
  • Adding the suffix :

No known issues.