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Before Training Starts...

If you are accessing Action Network for the first time, this document will help you get the most out of the first training session.

If your group is already using Action Network, some of the following may already have been done.

Who are your admins?

Confirm the email address of those people requiring ‘Admin’ access to Action Network. You must use a personal email address and not a shared email account for this.

All admins will need to have signed the XR Volunteer Agreement, with the email addresses they will use as admins.

Contact email for your group

You must also have a group contact email address. Action Network software sends emails, but you still need an official address for people to reply to.

If you are part of a Local Group, this email should be listed on the Local Group Map. If the email (or other info) isn't correct, or your group isn't listed then contact

If you have lost access to your group email or would like a new one setting up in the style you can find about how to apply for a email on this page

Note: please don't set up addresses (details of why). addresses are fine.

Your Existing Mailing List

If you have an existing list of emails addresses - then we need to transfer that into Action Network, preferably before training. Let us know if you want to do this and we'll support you through this process.

Have something ready to send

When we meet you online for your training session we will want to take you through the entire process of writing and sending an email to your group. If would be beneficial to have some words already written regarding an upcoming event or action, that you are happy to be sent out during the training.

If you have an event coming up, that's ideal, if not then you could find pictures from previous actions or outline more general future plans.

Your local group welcome message

It is advised to have an email that gets sent automatically when someone new joins your list. We will set up a simple message for you before the training. You will be able to view and edit this during the training.

Is anybody out there?

For geographically based groups, we may be able to identify supporters who have signed up via the XRUK website with a postcode near you, but not yet joined your Local Group.

If you can, prepare a list of the first part of the postcode that provides the catchment for your Local Group (e.g. NG1-NG10). Here are two tools that might help with this task: Doogal postcode finder or this Google maps based tool

You're all set

You should now be ready to book in the training session, which is about an hour and by the end of it you will have created and sent out a mailing to your group.