Why use Action Network?

Why would a group choose to use XR's Action Network account, rather than alternatives such as Mailchimp?

  • It's a network - when signing up for a local group newsletter, Rebels are also subscribed to the UK and International newsletters. This helps us get news out about national plans, mobilise people for rebellions and build the movement.

  • Secure - all admins have their own account, so you don't have to share passwords. If someone leaves the movement, their admin access can be removed without having to change shared passwords.

  • You'll never lose access to your mailing list e.g. if the person who set it up leaves XR.

  • Support and training is available from the Action Network Data Team and in the Action Network Admins Mattermost channel

  • GDPR compliant - if someone wants to unsubscribe or have their data deleted, we can do that in one place, rather than across multiple systems.

What are the downsides

In common with other mailing list systems, the data is stored on servers that we do not control, and that could be accessed by law enforcement authorities. For this reason, you should never store "spicy" information - such as sign-ups to arrestable actions - on Action Network.