How do subscribers join the email list

UK List

Pointing people to the UK sign up for news box is the very simplest way to get someone on to Action Network. This is the green box at the bottom of every page on the website. To link directly to it use

Local Groups

This map is a list of all known XR groups in the UK. Some have Action Network email lists. When you click on the place and click 'sign up for news' you will be subscribed to that local group (if they have an Action Network list). If they don't have a list, then the subscription defaults to the nation/region.

All subscriptions cascade 'up' the geographical list structure i.e. if you sign up to Birmingham, you will also be signed up to Midlands and UK lists. Plus there is a 'ladder' (which is a bit of code), in operation that then picks up this new subscriber and adds them to the monthly Global Newsletter list.

The map which is embeded on this page of the Uk website and also can be accessed HERE

Note : not all groups with a pin on this map have an Action Network email list. If they don't the sign up form defaults to signing a new rebel up to the regional list. Find out if your group has a list already by contacting the data team reception or if you aren't on mattermost, then email

Requests for updates to this map by clicking the add/update button on the bottom left of the map