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Postcode searches

Adding UK list subscribers to Local Group lists

There are many subscribers on the UK list who have entered their postcode, but are not yet connected to a Local Group (LG). If you are from an active LG and what to find out if there are 'floating' rebels in your area, then contact the Action Network Data Team (ANDT) for help in finding them and getting them added to your list.

This work is something that can be done for active LGs in liaison with the ANDT. Notes on the procedure are below.

Adding postcode searches of UK list to LGs

  • This work should only been done by members of the Action Network Data Team.
  • The postcodes chosen and date this transfer was done should be noted on the LG Data Central spreadsheet (access to this is for ANDT and Gardeners)

You could just create a report include the postcodes and exclude the LG list, then use mass operations to add everyone to the LG list - but this is problematic because:

  • it will resubscribe people who had previously unsubscribed.
  • it won't also subscribe them to any county or regional list between the LG and UK lists.

So the best method is to download a report and then upload it to the local group list:

  • Make sure you delete the data completely from your computer afterwards. You only really need to make a report of the email addresses and postcodes as the other personal data will just pull through from the UK website.

Regex for postcode searches

Example of how to pick up postcodes in a report
zipcode = (NG1|NG2|NG3|NG4)(\s?...)?

this would pick up NG1 1XX and NG11XX and NG1, but it would avoid mistakes like picking up NG11 1XX which is what would happen if you just used NG1%