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Local Group Sign-ups

Action Network is the software system used for the XR UK’s email list. As the name suggests it really is a ‘network’. If you use Action Network and sign someone up to your Local Group, they will automatically be signed up to regional and UK lists. This means Local Groups can have a huge impact on the total numbers on the UK email list. The more Local Groups that use Action Network, the stronger XR becomes as a whole.

For Outreach Volunteers

There should be a tailored link for every local group in the style
If it's working it will lead you to a pale blue form.
If your link isn't set up yet get in touch

Remember your short link wherever you are
Anyone can enter this shortlink in to their browser on a phone, tablet or computer to find the sign up form for you group.

Paper Sign-Ups and QR Codes
In this folder - you can find GDPR compliant paper sign up forms and QR codes that point to your local group. Also templates for printing simple posters.

For Local Group Organisers

This map shows all the known Local Groups within XR UK. Most of these have an Action Network email list (although not all groups are using their list!). You can update this map if you have any info to add or change by emailing

If you need help accessing or using your own Local Group email list, and you have a rebel willing to take on that role you can request an Action Network training session.

You may already have an email list that isn’t on Action Network, but using the XR UK network is really important for mass mobilisation, so get in touch!

Bonus opportunity: XR UK mailing list currently with 180,000+ people signed up, some of these people have given us their postcodes, but haven’t found their way to a local group yet! By requesting training on Action Network, you can also request a search of postcodes in your area to find these ‘floating rebels’.