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Useful fields and questions

All these questions are available to all groups using the the XRUK network

When you use these questions in your forms/events the data you collect will be added to subscribers record.

You can also create your own questions in a form or event, but these will just be held within the 'action' itself (this is more suited to temporary information e.g. to ask people what shifts they could cover when stewarding for an action with options of 12-2pm,2-4pm, 4-6pm)

If you need help on this, please book time on our Training Request Form, or contact the Action Network Data Team.

Commonly used questions

If you have an idea for a question that could be useful system-wide then get in touch. If you feel like you need the freedom to create your own questions, read more here

Please include on every from and to 'required'. This adds GDPR_Policy_V2 into a field called GDPR_consent.

Which Region

Drop down menu of options of every nation or region and an 'other/nomad' category too. Apologies for this question and field being just called 'region'.

Principles and Values
Mattermost Handle

This is a free text field for someone to enter their mattermost handle.

. . .

(this page will have more information soon)