Admin access to your mailing list


Anyone wanting to be an admin of any Action Network list must adhere to current policies (as maintained, monitored and implimented by the Action Network Data Team)

  1. Sign the VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT - it doesn't matter if you don't remember if you've done this and sign it twice. More information on the volunteer agreement is HERE

  2. You will be automatically subscribed the the 'XR Admins' email list where you will be kept up to date with any important info and updates for your role as admin.

  3. You must have logged in to your account at least once in the last 12 months to retain your admin permissions. After that time you will be contacted and your permissions removed unless you contact the AN Data Team.

  4. The email address that you will use to log in to Action Network must be a personal one (not a generical LG email address) and you shouldn't share your password with anyone else. You can have more than one person as admin on an email list and everyone should have their own individual log in.

Applying to be admin for a local, regional/national email list

Admins at these levels (e.g. region, county, town, university) are managed locally, usually by asking your LG coordinator, regional coodinator, or 'Gardener'. *

If you don't know who to ask contact the Action Network Data Team

How to add another admin to your list

If you are already an admin yourself and want to grant access to someone new, go to this page here to learn more.

Applying for UK or Global newsletter email list access

The Action Network Data Team manages applications from Action Network users who need to have admin access to Action Network for the larger lists the UK and Global newsletter lists.

In order to ensure that access to Action Network data and functionality is available only to activists who need it in order to fulfill their role in the organisation, the activist must Apply to be a UK or Global newsletter admin here.

Your application will be reviewed by the Action Network Guardian in the Data Team, who will then refer it back for further information or apply the appropriate permissions for that user.

Please clarify what your role is and what activity that you are responsible for.

Permissions in Detail

The following chart explains what each permission enables you to do. It's the official Action Network description, and it may not tell you everything, so please ask a member of the Data Team if you’re not sure. If in doubt, leave it until you know that you need it.

Permissions Description
Settings Administrator can edit group settings, invite and approve administrators, set up fundraising and ticketed event pages that don't require donor email addresses, set administrator permissions, and set the parent of this group in the network.
Launch Email Administrator can launch and send emails targeted to the group's list.
Reports Administrator can download report data and mass add or remove tags and subscriptions.
Activists Administrator can access search and add activists and edit individual records, as well as receive pending merge notifications.
Contributions Administrator can issue refunds, edit or cancel recurring contributions, convert one-time contributions to recurring when viewing activist records, and upload or manually add or edit transactions, as well as receive contribution failure notifications.
Advanced Uploads Administrator can use advanced upload features, such as overwriting custom field data or unsubscribing activists in an upload.
Overwrite Network Custom Field Data Administrator can choose to overwrite parent group custom field data when editing activists. (Without this permission, editing an activist will not overwrite custom field data on parent groups.)
Syndication Administrator can create syndication packages to be shared with other groups.
SQL Mirror reporting (Not an Action Network admin permission as such). Allows reporting access from the background data using SQL Mirror. This is highly restricted and additional checking will be required.

Quesitons: contact the Action Network Data Team

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