Becoming an XR Admin


The XR UK Data Team manages applications from Action Network users who need to have admin access to Action Network for the UK, Global and newsletter lists.

Admins at lower levels (e.g. region, county, town, university) are managed locally, usually by the appropriate Tech Coordinator or Champion.

In order to ensure that access to Action Network data and functionality is available only to activists who need it in order to fulfill their role in the organisation, the activist must apply via the Cloud Form here.

Before you submit the form, please ensure that you have signed up to the XR GDPR ‘Volunteer Agreement’, using the same email ID which you intend to use ; if you haven’t already, follow this link to do so.

Your application will be reviewed by the Action Network Guardian in the Data Team, who will then refer it back for further information or apply the appropriate permissions for that user.

Using the form

The form consists of 3 main sections:

  • Information about the applicant
  • Prompts for each permission, and whether it need to be changed
  • Justification for any increased permission level

Information about you

This should include your email address, your role in XR which requires Admin access and the level of Admin access you require (currently the only options in this process are ‘UK’ or ‘International’).

Permissions (9 questions)

If you do not yet have UK Admin rights, then please use the ‘Add’ button only for those permissions which your role requires you to use, and ignore other permissions.

If you do already have UK Admin rights, please use the ‘Add’ button for any additional permissions which your role requires of you. Use ‘Remove’ if you no longer need a permission, and ignore any permissions which you want to leave unchanged.


Please clarify what your role is, i.e. what activity that you are responsible for requires each of the permissions you need to add, and at what level your group operates (International, UK, or some more regional group).

Permissions in Detail

The following chart explains what each permission enables you to do. It's the official Action Network description, and it may not tell you everything, so please ask a member of the Data Team if you’re not sure. If in doubt, leave it until you know that you need it.

Permissions Description
Settings Administrator can edit group settings, invite and approve administrators, set up fundraising and ticketed event pages that don't require donor email addresses, set administrator permissions, and set the parent of this group in the network.
Launch Email Administrator can launch and send emails targeted to the group's list.
Reports Administrator can download report data and mass add or remove tags and subscriptions.
Activists Administrator can access search and add activists and edit individual records, as well as receive pending merge notifications.
Contributions Administrator can issue refunds, edit or cancel recurring contributions, convert one-time contributions to recurring when viewing activist records, and upload or manually add or edit transactions, as well as receive contribution failure notifications.
Advanced Uploads Administrator can use advanced upload features, such as overwriting custom field data or unsubscribing activists in an upload.
Overwrite Network Custom Field Data Administrator can choose to overwrite parent group custom field data when editing activists. (Without this permission, editing an activist will not overwrite custom field data on parent groups.)
Syndication Administrator can create syndication packages to be shared with other groups.
SQL Mirror reporting (Not an Action Network admin permission as such). Allows reporting access from the background data using SQL Mirror. This is highly restricted and additional checking will be required.


The process, the form and this advice are all in development.

The Data Team would welcome feedback or questions to assist us to provide you with high quality service. Please find us on Mattermost.

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