Paper sign-up forms for outreach

UK email list sign ups

For big rebellions (e.g. in London) there are many opportunities for outreach and the usual ask is for people to join the UK email list.

Different ways to sign up people to the lists are as follows, in descending order of preferece by the GDPR team...

QR Codes or shortlinks It is encouraged to use QR codes or short url links to encourage people to sign up to the email list directly. QR codes can be added to flyers or posters. You can link to this url

Drag this image to your desktop if you want to use it in a flyer/poster... UKsignupfornewsbox.png Enter data yourself Another way to get the data safely in to the email database is to get the person to tell you their details and enter them directly on your phone/tablet/computer. You can take time to double check their email is correct. You can do this using the sign up for news box on the Uk website

Paper Forms When it's not possible to do the above you can use paper forms to collect the information. There is a data entry online form available for this and a GDPR compliant paper form to collect the information on the streets.

Please contact the Data Team mattermost reception or the Outreach team involved in the rebellion. The Outreach team will provide guidance on the procedure of how the data gets entered and what to do with the paper forms afterwards.

Creating a tailored form for your local group

Follow similar advice to the above. If your group already has an Action Network email list then you can use the LG link from the map and make a QR code/short link from it. Or directly input via the form from the map and using your own phone/tablet whilst talking to the member of the public who wants to join the list.

You can also have a paper form and a data entry form for your local group. A GDPR compliant paper form is available HERE

To get a easy to use data entry form for local group 'admin' rebels to use to enter this data, please contact the Data Team mattermost reception, or if you are not on mattermost you can email